Damask vs Sateen: What’s The Difference?

difference-between-damask-and-sateen Fabrics can be complicated to understand sometimes. People often are confused between the terms that describe the fibers that make up a weave and the weave type itself. Sateen and satin, for example, are both confused for each other on a regular basis, but it's also a misconception that they are the names of the fibers that make up the fabric when they're [...]

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Top Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases

Most people tend to treat of pillowcases as an afterthought when they're buying bedding, but truth be told, it's just as important as the top and flat sheets are. What [...]

Most Important Survival Skills

building fire
Becoming a prepper is a fairly big decision that requires you to take on an entirely new lifestyle. That lifestyle is one that means devoting a significant amount of time and [...]

Make Baby’s Bedtime Easier With Quick Zip

Bed time for first time parents can be a bit of a nightmare if you are putting your baby in a crib. Conditions have to be absolutely perfect in order to get the baby to go to [...]

What is the best dog fence for a small dog?

dog fence
If you are in the market for a dog fence, then you have your work cut out for you. Having to look around and find the best dog fence for your pooch can be a difficult task. [...]